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If you're shopping around for a sleeping bag thats just right for you, we've got you covered. Sleeping-bags.com.au specializes in sleeping bags and sleeping bag accessories to ensure your comfort in a home away from home. From inexpensive synthetic filled bags for general camping and 4WD trips to technical down-filled bags for high altitude hiking and mountain expeditions, we feature a variety of brands and a vast range of models in all shapes and sizes. And for people who don't like kipping in a sleeping bag, we even have sleeping bags that don't like people!

Latest technology and materials
Many of the products offered by sleeping-bags.com.au incorporate the latest in sleeping bag technology, fabrics, fillings and designs. From high-end bags filled with high
loft European downs to more affordable synthetic bags filled with DuPont Thermolite and Powerloft 3D, all listed products are backed by sound manufacturer warranties. 

Best Prices and Advice
Not only are the featured products at sleeping-bags.com.au available at the best prices you'll find anywhere, but the range is hand-picked by a team of highly experienced outdoor recreation enthusiasts and gear freaks. We don't just sell sleeping bags - we have actually used many of the models in a variety of conditions. So we won't just give you a sales pitch - we'll give you an honest objective answer based on our customer's and our own experiences. If you want to know more about any particular products, or are looking for recommendations please contact us.

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